Smart Packaging layers

Smart packaging layers are different layers of packaging, which are heat resistant, moisture resistant, air resistant, micro resistant, durable, and many more according to the product requirement. These layers are then combined into one packaging layer in which the product is finally wrapped. Now the product is safe from every possible threat of damage for a more extended period than the usual. People call it smart packaging or edible packaging. For that purpose, not only are paper boxes used, but different material boxes are also being used. Metal can, tubes, crystal glass, plastic containers, plastic bottles are notable.  

This type of packaging is the most modern, and companies are adopting this kind of packaging according to their products. This is not limited only in food items but also in cosmetics, jewelry, high-end clothing, and electronics, etc. this type of packaging is done on a primary or underlying level. 

Flexible Packaging

The latest techniques include flexible packaging of the products. Companies are looking for more creative and easy ways to pack their products that are accessible and easily carried. For that, we can say they use plastic bottles of different designs, smart childish locks on the packaging, pouch type bags, rectangular boxes, and many more options. 

On the secondary level, big containers and cartons are used to stack the entire product in primary packaging. These are all custom made packaging options and protected of all possible threats. 

Eco-friendly packaging

Another concern is to keep the environment clean. For that, companies are producing recyclable packaging material. The custom made boxes are made up of that recyclable material. Using a natural decomposition process environment is less polluted and less radiation. 

Eye-catching and attractive look

A lot of products are sold because of their eye-catching and beautiful packaging. Considering the packaging is also an essential play along with the quality of the product. In the new era, digital printing and custom packaging have made miraculous changes in the advertisement industry. People develop their packaging so attractive that it is noticeable while sitting on the shelf of a shop. Forgiving those good look companies try different options of the finished look, including matte, glossy, graphic, and many more. 

Personalized Packaging

Personalized packaging is a new trend. Coca Cola Company has introduced this concept by starting their campaigns of “share a Coke” and “name tags” on bottles all around the world. Now we have many companies who adopt this strategy; this kind of packaging attract customer and boost sales.