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Wohlenberg 115, elevator, vibration shaker, 2002, 29.000 EUR

Hello everyone ,,
[size=1][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]A paper cutting line based on the Wohlenberg 115 guillotine post-Drupa 2000 model with a color display, with a foot lift (elevator) and a jogger (vibro-pusher). Designed for high-performance cutting of printing products, mainly for frequently repeated orders, with a maximum cutting length of up to 1150 mm.
Complete set:
Wohlenberg 115 single-knife hydraulic paper-cutting machine,
maximum cutting width 115 cm,
maximum foot height 16.5 cm,
table depth 115 cm,
cutting speed up to 50 cycles / min.
a computer with the ability to program, a
large color display,
push-button touch control, including  10 function buttons, a
central air table with a metallized coating,
large side air tables with a metallized coating, a
protective beam barrier,
protective enclosures made of transparent plastic,
compatible with CIP3 protocol,
USB interface,
baumann hoist raises the
berth to the level of the height of the working table,
lower the trimmed berth if necessary.
Baumann vibration pusher
foot collision,
roller for squeezing air from the foot.
Year 2002,
in a warehouse in Europe (EU), very good technical condition,
connected, available for inspection in operational mode,
price 29.000 EUR with dismantling and loading onto the buyer's transport,
payment in EUR under a direct contract directly to Europe,  sweepstakes internet cafe guide
delivery is possible “" turnkey ", including delivery, customs clearance Ukraine / Russia and installation, any form of payment.
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